Check the License Agreement tab.

What is a leased beat?

A leased beat is sold to multiple music artists.

What is a exclusive beat?

You own the rights to the beat.

If i lease a beat do i need to credit you?

Yes, you must have Instrumental by. Logic Levls in the Title/Description.

Will the beat be untagged after purchase?


How to buy a Exclusive beat?

Use the contact form. Only sell exclusive rights on custom made beats.

Some issues with the downloaded files?

If  you have any issues with your purchased files, use contact form and in the Subject fill in “Issues with downloaded files” And in the message box fill in what trouble you are having and i will solve it asap. Usually responds within 24 hours.

How many songs per license?

You can make how many songs you want if you lease a license, but you can only have one (1) profitable project per license.
Please, check the “License Agreement” tab for more details about the license options.

Can i rename the song or does it need to have the same name as the beat?

Yes, you can name it whatever you want, just have Beat by. Logic Levls in the title/desc. 


Use contact form, usually responds within 24 hours.